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Would you like to see your school or organization on our schedule? Contact us at EarthquestOrg@gmail.com

We are available for summer camp programs too!  Just click on the contact button to the left and we will put you on the schedule.  

Remember that Steve and the birds of prey are available in Georgia on weekdays during the Georgia Renaissance Festival.  Likewise Earthquest schedules weekday presentations in the New York area during the New York Renaissance Festival.

2011 Schedule

March 15th through April 15th - Brazoria County Public Schools and surrounding area.

Earthquest's Birds of Prey program has a long history of  performing school programs for the Brazoria County area in
preparation for the Migration Celebration of San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge.

While school performances are not open to the public the Migration Celebration is open to everyone.

April 16th through April 18th        
17th Annual Migration Celebration
April 15-17, 2011

Welcome to the 17th Annucal Migration Celebration held each spring in southern Brazoria County, Texas.  
Migration Celebration is held by the Friends of the Brazoria Wildlife Refuges  in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service's   Texas Mid-Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

Migration Celebration activities are centered on the San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge

April 21st - Fort Benning Schools

While school performances are not open to the public Earthquest will be at the Georgia Renaissance Festival. Performances there are free with Georgia Renaissance admission.

McBride Elementary
White Elementary

Georgia Ren logo

April 16th through June 5th

- The Georgia Renaissance Festival -

Join us as we celebrate the 26th Annual Georgia Renaissance Festival, Saturdays and Sundays plus Memorial Day, 10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., April 16th through June 5th, 2011. Enter the gates of our magnificent 15-Century Kingdom and you’ll find the King and his Court, castles and cottages, cheery pubs and over 150 elaborately adorned shops offering an array of unique treasures and craft demonstrations by master artisans. Enjoy world-class shopping and discover distinctive items like blown glass goblets, handmade perfumes, leather goods and hand-turned pottery. You’ll feast like royalty on a huge variety of delectable delights including our enormous roasted turkey legs! Experience a full day of fun with ten stages of non-stop sword swallowing, rope walking, juggling, music, dancing, comedic storytelling and more! Lose yourself in merriment on the thrilling rides in our medieval amusement park! You won’t want to miss the “original” extreme sport, jousting on horseback or the highflying Birds of Prey and Animal Show!

August 6 through September 25NYRF logo

- New York Renaissance Festival -
Entertainment abounds at the New York Renaissance Faire! Interwoven throughout the day are "The Tales of Robin Hood" following the conflicts between the Merry Men and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham and "The Queen's Progress" with all the pageantry of the visiting nobles of Queen Elizabeth's entourage. The Faire also presents each year a full Shakespearean production. August through September  2011. 10 AM to 7 PM Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day Monday.

September 28  through October 1 - Coweta County Fair

Coweta County Fair

Kiwanis Coweta County Fair will be open for 10 days through Saturday, October 7th.With special events and promotions, expect every visit to be fun-filled and action-packed.


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