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Earthquest Programs

We provide a variety of programs from our presentations to internships and volunteer opportunities.  We would love to be a part of your education/event program and have you become part of Earthquest.  If you would like to learn more about our presentations please contact us. You may also wish to browse our photo galleries.

Please click on our NEWS link for newspaper and journal articles describing our programs.

Teachers!  Email us to ask about how you can earn a free birds of prey presentation for your school.

Volunteering with Earthquest

Schools and non profit groups

Our primary mission is to educate the public about our environment and wildlife.  We delight in bringing a greater understanding of nature to school groups of all ages.  During our Birds of Prey presentation your students will thrill to see a falcon in flight as it climbs then folds its wings to dive in speed over 150 miles per hour then brake at the last moment to perch upon its "prey". They will experience the effortless soaring of a hawk as it flies over them at Steve's command.  They will strain to hear the quiet rustle of the owl's feathers as it glides to  perch on its trainer's hand. During all of this Steve Hoddy, our founder, Master Falconer and environmentalist provides information on the birds, their environment and how we can responsibly interact with nature.  

Worksheets! Click below to download PDF files of worksheets to go along with our Birds of Prey presentation. These worksheets include fill in the blank questions, vocabulary and a silhouette matching page.

Birds of Prey worksheet packet
Birds of Prey worksheet answers packet

Presentations are performed year round.  In the event of inclement weather presentations may be performed in a gymnasium or auditorium.

For specific information on a presentation for your school or to donate a program to a school just click on the link.  
Fairs, Festivals and Fun
Earthquest is an avid participant of the Georgia and New York Renaissance Festivals.  We appreciate the opportunity to edcuate the public while having great fun.  If you wish to add us to your event please contact us.  We are always interested in participating in new areas.
Private parties
We are happy to provide presentations for private groups. We have presented to a variety of clubs and organizations in both an educational and an entertainment capacity. Any opportunity for our bird ambassadors to bring people closer to wildlife is appreciated.
Presentations for businesses are always welcome. Please contact us for details about birds available for business promotion and events. We adhere to strict state and federal guidelines regarding the presentation of indigneous species in promotional activities.
Steve Hoddy accepts interns on a case by case basis.  Intern experiences will include wildlife management, elements of falconry, care and maintenance of exotic and indigenous species and the presentation of educational programs to the public.  
Individuals interested in an intership with Earthquest should email a resume and letter of interest to Earthquest.  Please be patient with regard to response time.  Mr. Hoddy personally reviews all requests for internship but his travel schedule does not always allow for immediate responses.  Our volunteer coordinator will acknowledge reciept of your submission and Mr. Hoddy will follow up within 30 days.
Volunteering with Earthquest
Earthquest has several opportunities to volunteer:

Renaissance Festivals -  You must be 18 or older to volunteer at festival venues. There are several opportunities to volunteer with the New York and Georgia Renaissance Festivals.  In the weeks leading up to Ren Fest we have landscaping and minor construction to perform. Once the Ren Fest opens we need volunteers in the aviary to interact with the parrots, mind curious guests and make the aviary experience fun and educational for all visitors.  You are required to dress in period clothing ( a pirate for the Georgia venue).  Specific duties are outlined in a volunteer packet, available upon request, which explains Ren Fest and aviary rules.  We ask volunteers to work 4 – 6 hours each day they come after which they are free to enjoy the Renaissance Festival as they wish.  This is a fun way to get your volunteer hours and enjoy the festival free of charge.  Please refer to the schedule for the dates of each renaissance festival. Volunteers are needed every weekend.

The Earthquest home facility – Earthquest is based out of Pine Mountain, Georgia.  Work weekends are scheduled on an as needed basis to clean up, repair equipment and improve structures housing parrots and birds of prey.  This is usually physical labor with time provided to visit and learn about the animals.  Duties include stacking and organizing building materials, cleaning and sorting equipment, raking, general clean up and a myriad of other basic clean up activities to make the area safe and manageable.  All of the work is outdoors. This is a great opportunity for scouts and other service minded groups to gain behind the scenes knowledge of the requirements of maintaining wildlife and to support Earthquest's efforts to provide programs to the public.  Mr. Hoddy is always onsite on work days and is available to talk to volunteer groups regarding our programs.




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