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This section will show off all the wonderful images our audiences have taken and sent us over the years. Have an image of one of your shows, birds or handlers that you want to share? You can email them to Earthquestorg@gmail.com, or you can send us hard copies to this address:

1583 North L Street
Pine Mountain Valley,
GA 31823

Follow the links below to photo galleries of our events.  If you want more information or pictures of specific animals, click on the animal category to the left and you will find photo galleries there as well.

Special thanks to Aves Photography for providing a number of our pictures throughout the site.  Scott Johnson, photographer and Raymond Burnes, his apprentice, also volunteer at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

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Observation from a fairgoer at the Georiga Renaissance Festival May 2009

I am a middle school life science teacher. I found Steve's Birds of Prey show a wonderful experience. It was both educational and entertaining. His knowledge and devotion are inspirational.  When I went from the show to the Parrot House I was amazed. From the outside you could not tell there was an open aviary inside with dozens of exotic birds.  The volunteers inside answered questions and gave us the histories of the birds.  The birds sang and spoke to us.  At one point one of the blue and gold macaws flew across the aviary. It was stunning. This was a kid friendly, high interest treat with great photo opportunties. I would go to the fair again just for this experience.

A letter from a Fairegoer at the New York Renaissance Faire 9/16/07

"When I saw that there was a Birds of Prey show at the festival I was a little worried. I thought that it was going to be some guy that was into Falconry for his ego with no real care to the birds. Did I get a shock, when Steve Hoddy presented to dozens of people young and old about the importance of being aware of the world around them. I have always been an animal lover of all types. I walked away so full of energy because I knew that he had just won a few hearts for animals. I was overwhelmingly please by all the information given. I recently graduated from a zookeeping program in Florida. I hope to become half as good as Mr. Hoddy in my quest to preserve wildlife and their habitats that are being destroyed. My hat goes off to you all at this organization. Thank you for a memorable experience."

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