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About Steve Hoddy 

Steve Hoddy has been training animals for over 35 years. In 1972 Steve found what was believed to be the last wild California Condor eyrie. In 1973 Steve was asked to help Jim Fowler of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom handle a Harpy Eagle for the Johnny Carson Show. Jim referred to Steve as "the leading bird trainer in the world!" Jim’s environmental education messages inspired Steve to do his part to educate the public to help save the environment. Steve served as an educational director as well as an animal program consultant for 8 years at Silver Springs in Florida.

In 1990 he left Silver Springs to promote EarthQuest. Steve has been a dedicated wildlife educator and animal trainer for over 30 years. He worked as a field researcher for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service in the study of Peregrine Falcons and found one of the last known California Condor nests in the wild.

Steve has worked with, and trained a wide variety of animals from around the world but his passion is Birds of Prey. Steve has practiced the art of Falconry since his early teens and today is a Master Falconer, which is the highest position that can be achieved in this field.

Throughout his career, Steve has gained a great degree of experience in many areas of his work with wildlife. A few of his accomplishments include working as a cameraman on the first collection of walrus specimens by Sea World and studying Peregrine Falcons where he was alone in the wilderness for months with only his surveillance equipment and camp gear. Steve has trained animals in familiar television commercials such as the "Miller Malt Liquor Eagle", "Buick Sky Hawk" and the European Steppe Eagle now featured at the opening of the NBA games shown on Turner Broadcasting. Steve also cares for the Aflac Ducks that appear at special events. As a professional, Steve is well respected among his peers for his talents and skills, not only as a behaviorist, but for his skills in creating habitat designs for zoos, concept & production of educational wildlife shows & scripting for theme parks. Steve is also very dedication to educating school children about the importance of wildlife and environmental conservation.

Early in his career, Steve was the star of a motion picture called "Their Only Chance".

"Their Only Chance" is an exciting and heartwarming true story of a young man who loves wild animals.  The film incorporates some of Steve's real life experiences as a man with an  intrinsic understanding of wild animals and the determination to help them.  While the film is difficult to locate now occasionally copies can be located through ebay or other online movie sources.  Over thrity years later, Steve's passion for the preservation of these animals is as evident today as it was at the time of this movie.

This film is rated G and runs 84 minutes.

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