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Make a Donation to Earthquest

We have many ways in which you can donate to Earthquest and support wildlife education in your community.When you make a donation to Earthquest Inc., you are insuring the continued support of this wonderful organization.

Sponsor an animal

You can sponsor a specific Earthquest animal!  Select your favorite Earthquest ambassador and your level of sponsorship using the donation information below but be sure to send a note with your donation or via email identifying who you are adopting.  You will be contacted upon reciept of your contribution confirming your sponsorship.  There are several levels of sponsorship available:

$ 25 to be an Earthquest Supporter
     Supporters recieve a photo of the animal they have chosen to sponsor along with a certificate recognizing their support.
$ 100 to be an Earthquest Fellow
     Fellows recieve a framed photo of the animal they have chosen to sponsor, a certificate recognizing their fellowship and six months of
     updates on their sponsored animal friend.
$ 300 to be an Earthquest Associate in Wildlife Education
     Associates recieve a framed photo, certificate, updates and a one time visit or video conference with Steve and a reptile or bird
$ 500 to be an Earthquest Partner in Wildlife Education
     Partners will recieve a framed photo, certificate, updates and an Environmental Education Program to be performed at the location
     of their choosing.  Locations must be within the states of Georgia and Alabama or coincide with other scheduled travel. Partners not
     in our travel area will have the opportunity to schedule two video conferences featuring Steve and the animal ambassador you have

Sponsor a school show

You may sponsor a visit from Steve and his animal ambassadors for the school of your choice.  Send complete information as to the school or group to recieve the visit along with the name of that group's contact person.  Upon reciept of that information and the donation  the group or school of your choice will be contacted and the visit will be scheduled.

                                $500 for school visits within the state of Georgia
                                $500 plus travel expense for schools outside the state of Georgia
                                       (travel expense varies by distance and number of schools attended during that trip)

Full Name:  
Sponsorship Level:
Name of the animal you are sponsoring or the group for  which you are sponsoring a program: 

Direct Donation

Earthquest Inc. is non-profit 501(c)3 organizaton.  You may make a donation with a credit card or Paypal by clicking on the Donate button below. For donations by check or money order, please mail to:

1583 North L Street
Pine Mountain Valley,
GA 31823

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