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Birds - "The Ambassadors"

Over the years we have had numerous birds under our care, both actively used in our presentations as well as behind the scenes. This page will connect you to  photos and some of the history of these incredible animals. We hope you enjoy the visit. You may receive a school visit from our bird ambassadors by scheduling a presentation or by adopting a bird to sponsor. For information on how to adopt one of our ambassadors or sponsor a show in your area visit our donation page.

As you view these pages remember that our birds have come from many different people and places. Each one has a story but in telling their stories we must respect the privacy of others by not naming former owners or caretakers.

Just CLICK on the title and you will be sent to a photo gallery of our birds.  We are always working on new pictures and still have many birds not represented in our galleries but we will soon!

Birds of Prey
Most of our birds of prey have come from rehabilitation situations in which they were not able to be reintroduced into the wild. This can happen when well meaning people find a wild bird and instead of watching and waiting, they "rescue" the bird.  The majority of the time the bird did not need rescueing. In many cases the bird's parents were near by keeping watch while the baby learned to move around.  In other cases a bird may have been injured and rehabilitated. In all cases Steve maintains these birds for educational purposes and meets the strict state and federal requirements for housing and handling birds of prey.  If you see a bird that appears to be in distress, call the department of natural resources or wildlife agency near you before trying to handle a wild bird.
Parrots and Cockatoos
Our parrots and cockatoos come from all over with many different stories.  We are told many different things by the people who bring them to us only to discover later there may have been more to the story.  Some are given to us because their owner has had major life events that make keeping their bird impossible.  Others were in situations in which their owners were overwhelmed by the care such birds require.  In one case Steve was handed a pair of birds that were five days old!  The important thing for these birds is that they have a safe environment with Steve and provide educational experiences to thousands of people every year.  Parrots are lifetime companions.  If you become interested in having a parrot friend of your own please make sure your family is prepared for the possibility that the parrot will outlive you!

More birds!

Not to be out done by birds of prey, parrots and cockatoos we have a couple of birds who distinguish themselves just by being beautiful and unique!  These birds also come from various backgrounds.

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