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About Earthquest

EarthQuest is a non-profit environmental education organization, dedicated to the education of the public as to their impact on the natural world. The concept for EarthQuest began in the Spring of 1989 as an idea to educate the general public about wildlife through the presentation of live animals in an entertaining format.

By utilizing their experiences, talents and skills, Steve Hoddy and Joshua Baldwin bring together a plan to provide a valuable public service that compliments the needs of zoos, theme parks, attractions and academic institutions.

Our purpose is to provide programs that enhance awareness and illustrate the true nature of animals by seeing live demonstrations of their natural abilities through trained behavior in a controlled environment, giving audiences an unparalleled experience that books, television and multi-media cannot provide.

For many people today, contact with wildlife is limited to turning the page of a book or magazine or while pressing the button on the remote control to watch nature shows on television. We feel that our programs bring a sense of realism to many people that have never had the opportunity to see these animals in person and we hope it brings them a little closer to nature.

Along the way, as EarthQuest has evolved, we have discovered new ideas and means of reaching people. We hope that we will continue to grow and meet the needs of people who want to get as close as they can to their environment.




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